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Contact & Location

Main Street Elementary School

3400 N Main St.  Soquel, CA 95073


Please call the above number if your child is going to be absent.


The answering machine will be on 24 hours a day.

Please state:

Child’s Name
Date of Absence


Reason for Absence

Thank you for using the above number, you do not need to send a note if you fill out the online form or call, this saves the office staff lots of time!

Students are expected to attend school every day except: they are ill, at the doctor’s office, or attending a funeral of a family member. A child is legally truant if they are absent 3 times during the school year for unexcused absences. The California State law requires all schools to keep attendance records. If your child is absent the school looses state funding. Vacations need to be scheduled during school holidays and breaks, please see school calendar for dates.


Attendance Staff

Please contact Jennifer Del Carlo for the proper forms for vacations, long term absences, or other attendance questions.

Contact Information

Principal Ronnie Platt

Office Number: 831-464-5650

Fax: 462-6295

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