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Dress Code

Review the information below about the dress code.

  •   No hats, hoods inside buildings

    ·       No tube tops or bare midriffs – the bottom of the top must meet the top of the pants or skirt.

    ·       Sagging pants/shorts are not permitted, all pants/shorts must stay up securely on the hips

    ·       Undergarments may not be showing

    ·       Clothing exhibiting gang affiliation is strictly prohibited

    ·       Clothing and jewelry with writing or designs that depict prejudice, unlawful acts, tobacco, drugs or alcohol are prohibited

    ·       Chains, large rings, jewelry or shoes that may be used as weapons are not allowed on campus

    ·       Students must always wear shoes while on campus. Flip flops are not permitted. Shoes should fit snuggly enough that they don’t come off when running. Some P.E. activities will require “regular” shoes.

    Students whose clothing is found to be inappropriate for school will be asked to change into appropriate attire issued by the school office. All inappropriate items will be held in the office and returned to a parent/guardian.

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